CNV00000005.jpg (92,606 bytes)Tulino Residence (1997) - Woodland Hills, CA
Designing a custom home on a lot in the midst of "cookie cutter" tract homes presented a challenge. The clients, both artists and designers, with extensive collections and eclectic tastes, required a home which incorporated their art collections into the design.

In addition, architectural guidelines imposed by a homeowner's association,
limited the palette of available materials and architectural styles.

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CNV00000011.jpg (64,008 bytes)What resulted was a Mediterranean style home with a unique mix of traditional forms and contemporary materials. The curved façade draws the visitor into complex interior spaces, which lead to the focal point - a north-facing solarium living room with views to the undulating lap pool, geometric gardens and the San Fernando Valley beyond.

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Low-voltage cable lighting provided the flexibility to illuminate the display of an ever-changing art collection. Stained concrete floors with mosaic tile accents provide visual treats as one passes from space-to-space. All rooms possess a mix of natural and artificial light to provide views and ample task lighting for work and respite.




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