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McCormick Residence (2002) - Malibu, CA

Situated on a narrow lot and wedged between a steep ascending slope and a creek bed, the design of this house presented a myriad of challenges. We responded to the owner's needs as well as the complex restrictions imposed by the site geology, the City of Malibu Planning Department, the California Coastal Commission, and the California Department of Fish & Game.

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m6.jpg (82,679 bytes)The owners wished to enjoy the views to the Santa Monica Bay, take advantage of the limited level land area for recreation and a swimming pool, and provide plentiful light in all of the rooms. The exterior of the house has a Mediterranean theme, with landscaped courtyards, patios, and walkways, an expansive rooftop terrace, and a private pool area with a detached guest house.

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The interiors are finished with rich mahogany floors, limestone bathrooms, beamed ceilings, and finely detailed wrought iron stair and loft rails.


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