100-0029_IMGa.jpg (61,875 bytes)J. & P. Rollins Residence (2002) - Topanga, CA
Several specific client requirements led to the evolution of a unique design of a home for a couple living in a trailer on five acres off of a dirt back road in a canyon.

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100-0035_IMG.jpg (85,239 bytes)The disabled husband had long been collecting used building materials, including glue-laminated beam redwood timbers, steel columns, and windows from mothballed ships. The house design grew from the need to provide easy accessibility inside and out and to reuse the salvaged building components easily.

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100-0048_IMG.jpg (39,180 bytes)The result was a single level, open floor plan with oversized doors and openings allowing free movement throughout the interior spaces and out to exterior covered patios, terraces, and surrounding gardens.

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