100-0002a_IMG.jpg (52,212 bytes)Harter Residence (1999) - Malibu, CA
This hacienda style home was designed to take maximum advantage of the views to the Santa Monica Bay and coastal mountains, while protecting the interior courtyard from the dry Santa Ana winds blowing from the north.

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100-0038_IMG.jpg (39,659 bytes)The home wraps around the courtyard. The social gathering spaces on the west side enjoy ocean views and the private spaces on the east side enjoy the morning sunlight. A library at the second floor forms a bridge that frames the entry arch from the driveway to the courtyard.

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100-0039_IMG.jpg (30,782 bytes)The lower floor is tucked into the hillside and provides cool
space for a large recreation room adjacent to a future pool and a wine cellar. The social spaces open to ocean view terraces
and the courtyard, which flows onto landscaped gardens and toward vineyards below.

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