h1.jpg (87,304 bytes)Hannah Residence (2003) La Canada
Started as a renovation to an existing neglected and dilapidated home overlooking the community below and the downtown Los Angeles skyline beyond, this project evolved into a complete redesign and reconstruction of the home and the site.

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h5.jpg (80,407 bytes)The client desired a home which fit the land and connected to the outdoor environment, had comfortable interior spaces with views to the gardens, the pool area, and the city lights, and provided a variety activity areas in and around the house.
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h13.jpg (59,447 bytes)The architectural style was based upon the "lodge" aesthetic best exemplified by the Jack London home in Northern California which was destroyed by fire before it was completed. Heavy beams support the slate-colored concrete tile roof and covered terraces which surround the home. Natural rock, quarried from a local river wash, forms the base of the structure, nestling it into the surrounding landscape.

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In addition to the 4,500 square foot main house, the site design also consists of a detached guest house, a 3-car garage, and a studio, as well as a trellis-covered patio and bar-b-que area, terraced gardens, lawns, and an infinity-edged pool and spa. All of these components harmonize to create a unique, one-of-a-kind living environment.

Guest House -    
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Garage / Studio -    
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