Freund Residence Addition, Topanga, CA (2003)
Originally constructed in the 1970's as a spec house, this home not only lacked architectural character, but also was disconnected from the unique pool area and lovely gardens. A glassed-in solarium was later attached to the west side of the structure, creating a narrow non-functional dining area, which was a sauna bath in the summer and a leaky, walk-in freezer in the winter.
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The clients wished to transform their home into a comfortable, country-style abode with direct connections to the gardens and pool, with plentiful natural light, and open functional interior spaces.
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With the addition of just 3 feet to the width of the structure we were able to create a large, functional kitchen and dining room with sloping beamed ceilings, natural floors, and windows facing the pool, gardens, and mountain views beyond. A covered porch was added to the north side of the kitchen, providing a cool, shady sitting area overlooking the pool.
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The home now has a contemporary California Bungalow style, with finely crafted woodwork, natural materials, and interior spaces which flow seamlessly and naturally to the outdoor spaces and views.
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